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                    Reviso is fully compliant with Making Tax Digital with direct VAT Return filing to HMRC and an HMRC recognised software supplier.

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                    We believe in collaboration and that the better we become at working together,
                    the better we become at doing business.

                    Capturing expenses

                    Business owner

                    Never lose a document.
                    Reviso is a document centric application that allows for attachments, scanned vouchers, mobile capture, PDF invoices etc. Documents can easily be retrieved at audit time or if a copy is needed to be found later on.

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                    Approving expenses

                    Accountant / Bookkeeper

                    Peace of mind.
                    Reviso provides effortless expense management in tight collaboration with company advisors so they can ensure that financial data captured gets booked correctly.

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                    Sending invoices

                    Business owner

                    Look professional in front of your customers.
                    Reviso supports full quote, order, Invoice and reminder flows with a flexible layout/template designer that can make the small business appear professional when doing business with customers.

                    More about sales invoicing and accounts receivable

                    Managing books

                    Accountant / Bookkeeper

                    Efficient Bookkeeping.
                    Reviso supports a number of standard setups of the general ledger and chart of accounts including multi currency and other features to support a variety of business types. Together with a powerful bank reconciliation it is a very strong toolset for the accounting professional.

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                    Running projects

                    Business owner

                    More profitable projects.
                    The project accounting module enables you to create a project along with activities within each project such as planning, building, maintenance etc and charge time, expenses, costs and mileage. Sales invoices can then be raised based on these criteria. All entries are recorded against each project which can be viewed by all or selective Project users.

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                    Submitting VAT

                    Accountant / Bookkeeper

                    Correct VAT Reporting.
                    With Reviso's flexible VAT handling any company can get their VAT submitted correctly. Out of the box we support standard invoiced based VAT reporting, cash accounting and the flat rate scheme.

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                    Tailored for Small Businesses,
                    Accountants & Bookkeepers

                    Shape Bank

                    Get your bank transactions reconciled with your accounting records.

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                    Group 6 Multi-currency

                    Reviso is a true multi currency system, allowing you to charge and receive invoices in multiple currencies.

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                    Shape Multi-lingual

                    Work in your own language: English, German, Spanish, Italian and more.

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                    Shape Reports

                    Reviso provides a comprehensive set of reports for VAT, financial and business reporting.

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                    % VAT

                    Get your VAT paid correctly and on time.

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                    Shape General ledger

                    Flexible set of ledgers with customisable Chart of Accounts.

                    More about general ledger
                    Shape Capture

                    Reviso allows for attachments, scanned vouchers, mobile capture, PDF invoices, bulk export etc.

                    More about document management
                    Shape Accounts receivable

                    Complete online invoicing enabling you to create and send quotations, orders and invoices.

                    More about customer management
                    Shape Accounts payable

                    Suppliers, supplier invoices and expense management.

                    More about supplier management


                    Reviso is an extremely flexible accounting platform - whether you are just starting out or are running an established enterprise.

                    In addition to our two standard plans we have optional modules catering to special needs.



                    Up to 4,000 entries per year

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                    Up to 10,000 entries per year

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                    Don't take our word for it - hear it from our happy users:

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                    Any sceptisism of a new system has disappeared and I don't think it will be long before we're swearing by it!
                    Rated 4.5out of 5
                    The stock functionality is particularly useful with product packs and individual items section.
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